Have you ever played Tetris and dreamed about the blocks in your sleep? Well, dig up these memories and use them in the new puzzle game called Tetroswap. In this game your goal is to put together a large formation of colored tetrominoes. You have to swap one row of blocks, horizontally or vertically, with another row, so that ultimately all blocks within the large formation are composed into tetrominoes. During the game, the difficulty level will increase, as more rows have to be swapped until all the blocks are composed into tetrominoes, and the formations become larger and more complex. Are you ready for some challenging puzzles?


Tetroswap is the result of several things. Most of all I wanted to develop a videogame, but simple enough to create on my own. At the time of starting the gameplay idea, I played and read about games like Canabalt, Super Hexagon, Eliss and SuperHyperCube. So the game should have abstract gameplay, simple controls and minimal graphics, and be 2D. First I experimented with different gameplay ideas, they all were more action related. One idea was about blocks, which had to form tetromino's together. For a game design course I made this idea into my first game prototype. But I found it difficult to develop the prototype into a real game. That is why I removed the action element from the prototype and proceeded with the puzzle element of the formation of tetromino's. Motivated by the design methodology Minimalist Game Design by Andy Nealen, Adam Saltsman and Eddy Boxerman, I started exploring the possibilities of the simple puzzle element. This has led to the idea of changing multiple blocks (a whole row or column) at the same time, and the different types of puzzles that can be made with this mechanism. After this research and a number of prototypes, I was confident enough to expand the puzzle concept into a video game.


  • 80 Handmade levels with brainswapping puzzles.
  • Because of no time limits, you can really contentrate on the puzzles.
  • Possibility to unlock all levels and decide your own playthrough.
  • Personalize the screen by switching background.
  • Track progress by completing achievements and compete with other players through leaderboards.
  • No advertising in the game.


There are currently no trailers available for Tetroswap. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


About Gilles Vogelesang

Gilles Vogelesang is a Dutch software developer, who alongside his regalur job, likes to play games, what gave him the inspiration to develop his own.
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Gilles Vogelesang